Here is a bit more from my friend in Iran who has graciously agreed to tell us all a bit about life under the Islamic Republic.

“Hi guys and gals. Here I am with another story, but first I want to make something clear. In Part one I said I cant play video games and I cant access to many games but I think I said it wrong. This restriction is not from Iran gov. Believe it or not they want to keep us busy with these type of hobbies.
This restriction came directly from outside. For example I cant buy a game from EA or ubisoft but I can play it. I know its odd.

Only Google is blocking Iranian IP so I cant play an online game with Google server. Did you guys hear of a free to play game named Fortnite? This will happen if I try to play it:

And if I want to use paypal or master/visa for buying games, I will see this message:

Yeah its not from Iran gov. its from outside. Hope I made it clear. Ok lets tell you a good/sad story.

I already told you guys. Iran law is based on Islam. You can be Christian or Jewish but if you want a comfortable life you have to act like a Muslim except for Baha’i.
Iran gov hate Baha’i. Just like Hitler hated the Jews. Baha’i cant even study in university. They have a tough life. Religious for me its just shallow.
I always said I’m a Muslim in high school or university or at work. I still remember the university. I want a loan and they guy behind the computer said you have to dress better.

Fix you collar, wear a shirt with long sleeves (!!!!!!) because girl see your arms and attract to them. I said “WTF man I’m not gonna do that, Its not my problem” and to be honest I never doing that
because of the girl.

It was summer and I don’t like having long sleeves. But at end I did that because I need that loan so bad. Islam has a month named Ramezan.
If you’re Muslim, you should fasting everyday for 30 days from sunrise to sunset. You shouldn’t drink or eat food in public.

Its forbidden in every Muslim country like Iran, Saudi Arabia , Dubai etc ….. So when I was in the university or at work I couldn’t eat my launch or drink water. Specially at work because our boss was an extreme Muslim and if he was seeing us, we gonna have to pay something as fine.

Some kind of penalty. I still remember I was eating my launch in bathroom. Can you even imagine? You know what is the worst part,if Ramezan is in summer,
the time between sunrise and sunset is longer than winter and you have to pretend even more hours.

Our law is a joke sometimes. Imagine something bad happened like a crime and a woman witness that. In the court one woman is not enough. You need two woman or one man for witness.

Women can’t be in charge in my country. The right of divorce is with the men. If they gotten divorce, Mother can have her child until 7 years old and after that she should give her child to the father.

It doesn’t matter if father is addict or he has some serous problem. Women always have to prove them self in the court and is much harder then for women to win. Being as a woman is hard in my country. You have to cover you body or hair.
You cant kiss you girl/boyfriends in public. Even you wife/husband. They not gonna send you in the jail but they can hurt you like holding you in the security places or something like that.

Long time ago I was talking to one my classmate in the park and we close to each other. One police man watch us from distance for 2 min. He didn’t do anything. He just watch us.

If you want to have a good job you should pretend that you are a Muslim. I can say so many stories about our law but I think that is enough for now.

No matter where are you, I Love you all unconditionally”

– End of Source’s account.

I let him know that I, and most Americans understand that the people are not their government, and how much we wish freedom for them all. Those of us old or informed enough know how drastically different and more free Iran was up until the tragic revolution of 1979. We hope to see it return to former glories with far more rights given its people. Men and women alike.

– Rachel