Here in the West, we cling to our constitution and laws regarding separation of church and state as our comfort blanket. Sharia law can never happen here, we remind ourselves. Our country’s systems are not designed to ever allow such a thing.

While that may be true, particularly for the United States, what happens when the radicals we import turn around and indoctrinate our citizens? Moreover, this blog is supposed to be about Iran, so what does this have to do with that?

Valid question. I am straying slightly off topic in this entry, but I would argue that Iran’s regime is the face of radical Islam, and the suffering of people in Iran a cautionary tale for everyone who lives in a country where radicalization poses a threat.

Rather than use links to various articles, this time it is a small handful of documentaries I stumbled across while browsing YouTube the other day. Each of them is startling and disturbing in their own way, but none more than those centered in the U.K. That is not the place one would normally think of when imagining where it is that terror groups do their recruiting.

Yet, it is happening.

The first documentary I would like to point to, won a BAFTA award, and is called “My Son the Jihadi.”

This documentary follows the journey from typical young Englishman to terrorist.

The others focus more on women and young girls who are being recruited from the West, and convinced to secretly travel to Syria, in order to join the fight against those they’ve been convinced are enemies of Muslim people.

“The Women of Isis”

“Undercover for a whole year, we meet British women attacking the west.”

Even in Afghanistan, where your ordinary person outside the region might assume that there is generally religious cohesion, with no one in that country concerned about Islamic radicalization, this is not true. There is a rise in “Madras” schools run by extremists who take over the education of young children, focusing solely on their own severe interpretations of Islam, to exclude all other academic teachings such as math or science.

As a result, many women and girls in Afghanistan are worried that they will see the loss of even the limited rights and freedoms they currently possess.

The threat to women’s rights in Afghanistan due to Islamic extremism.

It is not politically convenient for many western leaders to acknowledge the growing threat to their countries from masses of fighting-age men imported under the guise of ‘refugees’, and indeed, the U.K is now arresting people for social media posts that disparage Islam. This has taken priority over the safety and security of their citizens.

What of the ‘internet trolls’ who recruit and brainwash young women in the U.K, causing them to run off to countries like Syria without their parents’ knowledge or consent? So far, if any action has been taken to prevent this, I am unaware of it. How does an underage girl even board an international flight in the first place? Too many questions, and very few answers to be found.

If Iran fights wars by proxy, then surely groups such as ISIS are doing the same via the internet, in an overall push to promote Sharia law, and the narrative that they are the victims, the west is the oppressor.

This should be of great concern to all of us, regardless how safe we imagine we are from these extreme ideas in the west.

What exactly will it take before our respective governments finally agree?