Yes, it’s come to that.

For the first time in modern history, London’s murder rate has surpassed that of New York City, throwing a bit of awkwardness into our current national narrative that gun rights are what is to blame for our own homicide rates.

This past week, there was a particularly disturbing series of attacks in which six teenagers were stabbed in four separate attacks in different parts of London. The offender has been identified as simply ‘a male’ in British press, because of course they aren’t eager to publish a name. Sadiq Khan has yet to reach out to any of the victims or their families, but assured a journalist that he’s in touch with police and they’re on this.

It seems the bigger crime in London is to speak plainly and call things what they are. The actual violence seems to offend the officials far less. Already, there are two major, large-scale rape scandals which law enforcement had failed to even investigate and claims they neglected to keep records on. The violent attacks of stabbing are nothing new, unfortunately. Violent crime skyrocketed right along with the rate of migrants that England accepted. To point out the obvious cause/effect relationship between those two can land you in jail for ‘hate speech.’

Anyone following this blog or who follows me on social media already knows I am not anti-anyone, but I also think it’s insanity to continue avoiding necessary conversations about the problem that clearly exists. Immigration without proper vetting, and in numbers too great to accommodate or control is a recipe for disaster, as London is all too aware. It is quite literally a fatal mistake to import those who have no wish to integrate into western society, and who have no tolerance for it.

World governments must surely be aware of this, yet they continue to import more and more economic migrants (that’s what they are. Not refugees.)Violent crime such as knife attacks and rapes skyrocket, and rather than change course, England and other countries just double down and utterly refuse to take any measures to protect people. Other than suggesting they carry ‘alarms instead of knives’, and slapping down some knife control, of course.

I have spoken with several educated, skilled young people in various countries throughout the middle east who tell me, with great frustration that they were denied Visas to the U.K/Europe/USA. These governments hide behind the obvious falsehood of “helping refugees” as they continue to bring over almost nothing but young, single men with no women or children. Does anyone believe this tale of refugees anymore, really?

Aging populations failing to replace themselves via the birthrate are reasons given by leaders of at least one country. Were those the main reasons, then surely importing families of educated people, or at least those willing to embrace the west and assimilate to a reasonable degree would be in the better interest of the overall population, economy and national security of each nation welcoming ‘refugees’.

Conspiracy theorists will tell you this is some sort of premeditated takeover by radical Islamists, enabled by those such as Merkel and Mayor Khan, of London.

I’d like to say they’re crazy, but these countries have done an utterly fail job at screening those they’ve welcomed into their borders, and you can only keep the violent crimes under wraps for so long. In France, there is an epidemic of attacks on Jews by Muslim immigrants, and some say they are fleeing due to this.

In England, you have the notorious “grooming’ gangs (Because that sounds nicer than “Rape gangs.”) victimizing young girls and women, preying especially on those who are most vulnerable as sexual predators tend to do. You have stabbings, horrific acid attacks, all manner of assaults, and even the bombing of an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester.

It is very difficult to understand the endgame here, or the benefit to any of these countries as they continue in their reckless, irresponsible immigration policy, stubbornly defending it to the point that any who speak out are jailed.

They’re marketing anti-rape pants in Germany and trying to ban knives for those under 18 in England.

We’re well-beyond “You can’t make this stuff up” now.

The question of why, is still hard to answer. There seems zero benefit, and nothing but risk in this malignant alliance with ‘liberal’ leaders and their embrace of what do seem to be the most extreme fringe of Islam. Jamie Glasov’s book – “>United in Hate: The Left’s Romance with Tyranny and Terror” does a good job of explaining how these two ideologies seem to share a symbiotic relationship despite the clear fact that Islamic extremists and your average liberal have absolutely nothing in common.

When world leaders are doing something so self-destructive, it’s only natural to want to understand why, and they don’t seem interested in telling us. I am not one for odd theories usually, but something truly does seem wrong with this picture. I don’t think age restrictions on knives or anti-rape pants are going to magically fix the cause of all of this, and tragically, neither will leaders.