Just kidding. That would be haram.

So, why are liberals by the truckload jumping on board with Islam as though leftist views and this ideology are even remotely compatible? Jamie Glasov, in his book “>”United in Hate” has some theories about why we see the left always eager to support the most totalitarian and oppressive ideologies/systems, but I’m not quite the scholar he is.

I take a much simpler approach to these things, and prefer to place ideas beside each other to see if there are any dots to connect, or whether it could indeed just be total insanity. I am no longer in my twenties, so the version of liberalism I grew up with and followed through the years was a very different thing from what it seems to have become today. If we go way, way back in history to, maybe ten whole years ago, there are very few similarities to the talking points, views and issues held up by the left today.

I will use the collective of ‘we’ in my comparisons as someone who once considered myself a liberal and still remember the views we advocated for as a general group, and lay it beside what Islam promotes as an ideology to see how compatible these ideas are, or aren’t.

We argued for a woman’s absolute right to bodily autonomy and reproductive freedom.

Islamic governments forbid women from deciding what kind of clothing they may wear, and ban them from going out in public without the hijab. Even in the west, there are Muslim communities which exert great pressure on women to adhere to these rules.

Liberals today are all but silent on compulsory hijab overseas, and insist that hijab is by free choice when worn in the west. They ignore cultural pressure, and argue that if a woman wears hijab in the west, then it is because she freely chooses to do so.

We simultaneously seem to be arguing “My body, my choice” and “Patriarchal systems of oppression are okay.” That’s contradictory and confusing.

On the topic of the rights of women over their own bodies, you won’t hear a lot of outcry against female genital mutilation, despite the fact that an estimated 500,000 women and girls in Europe alone have fallen victim to this barbaric practice with few criminal convictions to show for it. Mayor Khan of London, has been especially silent.

That’s odd for the group who insist no one should have the right to legislate their bodies.

Alright, well, moving along, then. We fought for free speech and rebelled against any attempt by anyone to silence us as we voiced our opinions about religion, the government or anything else beneath the sun.

We raged against censorship even for those we disagreed with, firmly believing that freedom of speech was a human right.

As we speak, people in the U.K. are being arrested for politically incorrect social media posts, and the ones who are fighting against it are actually conservatives. In particular, anyone criticizing or insulting Islam are targeted by these rules. While I won’t blame any Muslim person or group for this, as it falls more on the government’s policies- which seem steeped in fear over their failed immigration policy seeing daylight, it is clear that overall, it is not okay to openly criticize Islam.

In Islamic countries where Sharia rules, you can be put to death for it, so we can be fairly confident that freedom of speech is not a value of Islam.

We loved to criticize our government and did so freely in public, across social media, and in any other way we wished to. Liberals still love nothing more than to exercise this particular right now that Donald Trump has become President.

In Islamic countries, you can easily be imprisoned or even killed for insulting the government, and most social media platforms are banned. This is because, for an Islamic Republic like Iran, the government makes no distinction between themselves, and the holy scriptures of Islam which they base all of their laws upon.

To insult the government is to insult the prophet or Allah, and that can mean your death.

Slamming a government official is thus-not a right or value under Islam.

Liberals, now and in the past, have staunchly upheld LGBT rights in the west, and even succeeded in seeing marriage between same-sex individuals legalized in all 50 states.

Meanwhile, homosexuality is punishable by torture/death in most of the middle east, and Muslims as a group wholly reject the notion that there should be rights for gay people. Even the privileged upper classes and men holding position are not safe to be openly gay in Islamic society. (See the gay Mullah who escaped Iran for reference.)

Yet, Liberals hold ‘hijab’ day, hijab ‘fashion’ shows,  and celebrate it while marching behind Linda Sarsour, a co-organizer of the Women’s March and hailed as some kind of feminist hero despite the fact that she loudly promotes sharia law and tries to re-gift it to liberals as some super feminist, and liberating ideology.

Why worry about the fact that women in Saudi Arabia are only recently beginning to be given the right to drive a car?, she argues. For those allowed by their male family members to work outside the home, the maternity leave is amazing.


Yeah. She actually says things like this all the time, and women still follow her.

So far, we are not seeing any similarities between liberal values, and those of Islam. If they’re not for a woman’s right to choose (anything), not for free speech, equal rights for women, or even just the fairly basic human rights, then why is the left so much in love with this medieval, patriarchal system, and those who promote it?

“We” railed against Christianity as if it were still the days of witch-burning, loudly screeching “Keep your religion off my body!” and slamming it as quite the misogynistic, sexist, repressive ideology.

…As we dressed however we liked, drove cars, worked outside the home, voted in elections, openly criticized any government official we wanted, and made all the disparaging remarks we felt like making about any church, religious figure, scripture or verse. The church never controlled us one iota, yet remained enemy number one for us.

Liberals definitely do still uphold the right to slam religion-as long as it’s not Islam.

None of this is making any sense, is it? Okay, maybe some visuals would help.

So, liberals:

DB MARCH FOR OUR LIVES RAW_1521913944932.jpg_11178987_ver1.0_1280_720

And,the Supreme Leader Khameini of the Islamic Republic of Iran- Seasoned dictator, butcher of his own people and Grand Poobah of Patriarchy:


By George, we got one!

I wish I could feel more satisfied to have found at least one thing Islam and Liberals share in common, but I don’t.

The ancient liberals of last decade would have sooner set themselves on fire than give an inch to the sexist, oppressive ideas held by “Fundamentalist” Christians, as they generally labeled all Christians here in the United States, let alone this madness.

That was then, and this is now. Currently, the only group with extremists who hate our flag, American patriotic sentiment, free speech that disagrees, and our current President more than our liberals, are the Islamists like Linda Sarsour.

(She also holds seething hatred for Jews and Israel, but the left isn’t available for comment on that, either.)

They’re too busy burning the American flag and marching behind Linda and the Islamic leaders of BLM as they lead them toward the brutal murder of feminism and liberty as we’ve known it in the west.