The headlines all read like some squabble among children. America says they didn’t do it, and Russia blames Israel.

It is said that at least 14 people were killed, and in that number are some Iranian, or at least Iran-backed fighters. This would add fuel to Netanyahu’s claims that Iran has been sending proxies to the region in order to stage attacks against Israel more directly. The PM of Israel has had a lot to say about Iran, especially as of late.

A peek at social media shows that there are a lot of people very skeptical over the idea that Assad, guilty though he may be of other crimes, would use chemicals to attack his own people as the USA announced intent to withdraw, let alone to stage some sort of missile assault. If this theory holds true, then it would exclude Assad this time around, and leave Russia, USA, and Israel.

It’s a bit like trying to solve a game of Clue, isn’t it? Was it Assad in the ballroom with the chemical warfare, or was it Israel in the billiards room with missiles?

It seems to matter much less who is responsible, because the narratives are already in full swing, and the last time we saw that happen, we went to war in Iraq. I am not making any predictions here, but it feels like the beginning of something potentially explosive, no pun intended.

President Trump, for his part has firmly condemned the action, blaming Russia for backing Assad, whom he refers to as ‘an animal’.


People criticize Trump for not criticizing Putin, going so far as to accuse him of having some kind of ‘bromance’ with him, and admittedly, this severe a condemnation, even following the poisonings Russia allegedly holds responsibility for have not been issued from the President toward Putin.

So, what will all of this mean? Comments are rare so far, but do feel free to share your opinion or even your super-whacky conspiracy theories below. All ideas are welcome as I’m sure we are all trying to figure out just what is going on over there, and who the players are in this game.

– Rachel