“It is encapsulated in one word. Iran.”

Relations between the United States and Israel suffered a bit of strain under the last administration, but President Trump has been the staunchest of staunch Israel supporters given his recent announcement that the USA would formally recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Previous Presidents spoke of making the same declaration, but for various reasons, none of them followed through. Today, Benjamin Netanyahu thanked President Trump, and went on to discuss what he feels is the greatest threat to both countries respectively.

Iran, of course. In his brief comments, he said we need to put a stop to the country that chants “Death to America, Death to Israel.”

Most of us would probably agree, though not everyone agrees on how this should be done. Many Iranians have been vocal across social media, expressing their concerns over the involvement of the United States where military action is concerned. While they have been more than brave and persistent in their own protests, to include some members of the notorious IRGC breaking ranks to join them, it is obvious they cannot do this without outside help.

Just what form this should take is a matter for much debate.

Iranians across social media have been very vocal in their concerns that Iran could become ‘another Syria”. They fear any military action taken by the United States would result in a further collapse of their already dire economy, and of course the fear of civilian casualties is very real.

Will the United States go this route? Anyone listening over the past few weeks as Israel’s Prime Minister spoke of Iran’s proxies violating their border with a drone allegedly belonging to them, and now these talks with the President of the United States might be tempted to think so. The last administration posed sanctions and what seems a failed nuclear deal with Iran, but never really seemed intent on escalating things further.

Could this change now that America has changed administrations and a new, stronger relationship with Israel has been forged?

While only time will tell, many Americans are beginning to also show concern that the ‘war drums’ have begun to sound. What this will mean for us, for Iran, or for Israel is anyone’s guess at this point, but it’s a situation many will be watching with worry.

The regime needs to fall, that much is clear. In an ideal world, sanctions would be enough, or condemnations from various human rights groups and the United Nations, but that has all been done before without much effect. Short of real intervention of some kind, the regime is not likely to fold. What better time than now, when the economy is in tatters and the people have once again taken to the streets in bold protest?

Few Americans would vote for yet another war, with Afghanistan and Iraq still dragging on after all of these years with no clear end in sight. I would count myself among those not wishing to see yet another open-ended conflict.

With family remaining in Iran, the fear of civilian casualties is one that strikes close to home, and yet, there seem very few viable options left.

Perhaps it would be wise for Khamenei to worry less about guns in America, and instead focus on all the guns currently pointing toward Iran.

If the situation escalates, it will be due to his regime’s refusal to comply with agreements regarding Iran’s nuclear development and the corruption of his own government in their constant funding of terrorism, which only serves to paint a target on Iran.

This is an amazingly well-made documentary about the power, influence and terror Iran exerts in the region and beyond.