And people are losing their minds over this. I could fill an entire blog post with charts and graphs, articles from the past, and all sorts of analysis articles by those we consider experts on the topic.

But, this is just a blog, and I am no expert, so I won’t be doing that.

This is not actually a complicated matter, in my view. Should the United States trust the very regime (the one WE installed, no less..) who walked in from day one vowing our demise and that of Israel? They refer to Israel as “The Little Satan” and America as the “Great Satan”.

Children from young ages in Iran are told that Israel and America are the enemies, and that the west in general is evil and responsible for every ill in the world. On a tall building in Tehran, this banner is prominently displayed for everyone there to see it as they pass by, and our American embassy remains in graffiti-covered ruins in Iran.


Would you trust and believe the same regime that is responsible for all of the searing anti-American hatred when they promise they won’t develop the weapons needed to attack us or our interests? Is there a shred of possibility in your mind that giving them a billion dollars or two would mean they spent that money to improve the lives of their people rather than hand it off to terrorist organizations, or the many proxy fighters they’ve used over these decades to strike at Israel among others?

Former President Obama didn’t believe that either. He was simply on his way out of office and needed to make some kind of gesture to seal his foreign policy legacy. It was a disaster, and I would hope this is something that isn’t partisan. Had Hillary Clinton been elected, I would have expected her to also cancel this ‘deal’ that Iran never honored, nor had any intention of honoring. Anyone we put in office has to be smart enough to realize that no word from the mouth of Iran’s regime should be trusted or believed. Obama was not a stupid man, and though he had his flaws, I believe he knew full well this deal would not be held up on Iran’s end. Perhaps he did it to score points on his side of the aisle, or to seal his legacy, or maybe even to just kick that ball into the court of his successor.

Whatever his precise motivations were, I don’t believe that he actually viewed this deal as a solution. Objectively, it was never going to work and one need only look closely at the regime and its actions to see why. President Trump scrapping this deal is not a thing that should be looked at as some sort of reckless move. Rather, it would be reckless, naive and irresponsible for the United States to put a shred of faith into the very regime that would love nothing more than to see us obliterated from the globe along with Israel.

It is too early to predict what happens next, but something had to give in order for Iran to reach its tipping point. You have the unrest in the streets and the catastrophic economic collapse, and so from the perspective of the world’s stage, this is prime opportunity. The question is only who will seize upon it. I do hope it will be the USA, as it would be all too easy for an equally vile regime to slither in and take hold while Iran is weak. While we may not have the most stellar record (especially in Iran) of installing new governments, or ‘bringing democracy’ to the middle east, we are at least, not an Islamic theocracy that seeks to further enslave the people of Iran.

The same cannot be said for several of Iran’s neighboring countries, and were we to sit this one out or decline the chance to have a strong voice in what comes next, we would be leaving the innocent civilians of Iran open to something possibly even worse than what they have now. In my view, this would not be acceptable, nor would it be in the best interests of America. We need an Iran we can work with, as we once had. Leaders in that region that it would be possible to do business with.

What the people of Iran, and the USA do not need is more of this Mullah rule. Another administration that hates us and Israel. The protests and uprisings throughout Iran have opened a door, and someone is going to walk through it. If we are smart, then it will be us, and it will be soon. We are largely to blame for the ousting of the Shah. To a large degree, we did this to Iran, so with any luck, we will be the ones who can empower the people in Iran to undo much of the damage caused to their beautiful and ancient land by these forty years of terror and oppression.

It’s worth hoping for that some major change can occur in Iran without any physical conflict, and I do hope that. I also don’t think it will be the realistic outcome, all things considered. As with the protests and other developments in Iran, for now all any of us can really do is watch and wait. For those of us with family still in Iran, it’s been a very tense and anxious wait, but, given no other real alternative, we continue while hoping that if things turn worse, people will be able to flee to bordering countries, at least.

The only thing I know with certainty is that Iran is not this regime. Thousands of years of history cannot be defined or undone by forty miserable years. The time for Iran to reclaim their national pride and identity is long past due. I remain very cautiously optimistic that their day may finally have come.

Inshallah, as they say. If God wills it, let it be so.

– Rachel