It was a fairly short story told by Nihad Awad (@NihadAwad) on Twitter. In the first act, we are told the police are blocking people from entering some sort of business to ‘choose their animals’ in order to then sacrifice them in ways violating our animal welfare and food production laws in celebration of Eid.

In the second act, you can see someone got scared of being accused of denying religious liberty or of Islamophobia or something, and the animals are then to be allowed taken out and stabbed in the throat, unstunned, and drown in their own blood for said celebration.

Nihad Awad, naturally applauds this victory over U.S. law, because as a member of CAIR, the goal IS to override existing laws in the west to be replaced by Islamic laws. Oh, I know it sounds crazy to some. You might be reading this wondering if my long time away has been spent with Alex Jones or something, but no. I bring you an actual example of this happening by a mouthpiece for an organization that barely escaped indictment following the 9/11 attacks with known links to the Muslim Brotherhood. (CAIR, see also the ICNA.)

As I always must, let me clear up a few things. No, I don’t care what religion a person follows. Their God or Prophet are none of my business and I do not take issue with anyone on those grounds. My issue here is that we have laws in our country, and they are there for good reasons in most cases. Freedom of religion is important, but we usually draw the line at practices that cause animal cruelty, or if we set that aside, a lack of hygiene and safety in food production. Zoning laws in most urban areas would also prohibit the slaughtering of any live animal. So, how did the police go from blocking attempts at illegal acts to allowing them?

I think we can all guess ‘how’. It is the same reason that higher-up levels of government have turned the other way regarding many other things that break the law both here and elsewhere in the West.

In the UK, a photo of people in council housing butchering some sort of animal in their yard (or, garden in their speak) circulated social media, drawing outrage from people around the world. The RSPCA’s response was hardly comforting to anyone on this matter.

Non-stun slaughter is illegal both in the United Kingdom, and the USA, and yet this has apparently been ignored in favor of ‘religious liberty.’

The obvious question is, what next? It seems some people are not content to simply be welcomed into countries other than their own, blend in and live peacefully among those already in that country, some seek to fundamentally transform their new homelands until they become replicas of the ones they left. Opening the door even a crack to things that violate the laws of our countries is a mistake. If anyone thinks these relatively small actions will appease those complaining, and end there, they will be in for a rude awakening.

Many people are only culturally Muslim, and quite happy to leave the Middle East in order to escape the very laws that others seek to impose in the west. My opinion does not extend to moderates, or those who are essentially non-practicing, but only to those who engage in the ‘political takeover’ brand of Islam, which we can also hold responsible for everything from people being harassed in the street for holding hands or walking their dogs to actual violence, be it a terrorist act or physical assault.

Those extremists should not be lumped in with every Muslim person living in, or seeking to live in the West, and yet the loudest voices are always the craziest, so this is what is beginning to happen. They’re certainly meeting with no resistance from most elected officials, or basically any group holding ‘liberal’ views (what’s liberal about animal torture?), so the unfortunate result will now be that those in the center or on the right will attribute these kinds of demands to all Muslims, and tolerance will be a goal less likely.

What we’ll continue to have is what we have now, loud groups of social justice advocates suddenly choosing to be silent when an event like the New Mexico Compound happens (With some media outlets seeming to minimize and apologize for terrorist offenses)

The…same media outlet who just prior to the vile play for sympathy for the very same terrorists, published an article detailing their plot to attack a hospital.

Those to the center or on the right will have their every concern shouted down with cries of “Islamophobic! Racist!”, and this drunken carousel goes round.

If animal cruelty is an actual value of Islam, then this is not an ideology compatible with the West, period. I know, that seems a bit extreme, but you see, my religion does not dictate I cover my face or abstain from alcohol, yet if I marched myself over to a country with Islamic laws, and attempted to violate them, what would the reaction be? Setting aside the part where I would be doubtless jailed (or worse) for refusing the veil, or consuming alcohol, I’m willing to bet people would say “How dare she come HERE and try to change OUR laws!”

So then why should we in the west be expected to do just that? I welcome anyone from any country on the globe who wants to live in freedom and enjoy western liberties to come to the west. It’s these radical Islamists that have no place among us, and the longer we hide in our cowardly way, afraid to speak up, afraid to hold accountable our officials who refuse to uphold our laws (Yes, even the ones regarding illegal immigration-different blog topic). The more likely it is that we’ll continue to appease not a religious group, but a hostile extremist element who seeks to impose their ways upon us rather than to ever assimilate and respect our culture/s and countries.

I wonder, what will be the breaking point? Surely, the staunchest liberal has one. Will it be when women are told they’re not allowed to walk through any predominately-Islamist area of an American city without donning a veil?

When parks are closed to dogs in neighborhoods where a lot of Islamists live?

Perhaps when, the same way many Islamists have demanded (and often won) the right to have divorce matters settled in sharia courts within mosques rather than secular court houses, they demand also to try a rape suspect this way, demanding the usual four male witnesses?

Maybe it will be when more young girls and women have suffered injuries and infection from the FGM that goes on quietly under our noses and is seldom prosecuted?

*You’ll note, I’m differentiating between a “Muslim” and “Islamist” to denote that one is simply a person of a faith, while the other is an extremist.*

I just see a dangerously slippery slope in action, and since we can’t even crack down on organizations like CAIR who have ties to terrorist groups like Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood, even a Trump administration doesn’t seem serious or effective enough in preventing them from achieving their dangerous goal here in the USA. Minnesota is about to elect candidates with firm backing from CAIR, all three of whom have questionable histories and nothing but silence to offer on issues like child marriage, FGM, animal cruelty, and so on.

If you think it’s paranoid to worry, I think you might need to do some more research.