There is a lot floating around on the internet about this, and while every new event is clouded with confusion and facts that quickly emerge only to change, certain things remain true. I’m seeing a lot of incorrect information floating around and feel the need to explain a few things for those who may not be aware.

1. Iran is not an Arab country. Iranians are not Arabs. They’re Persians.

2. The shooter, Nasim Aghdam, does not appear to have had religious motivations, nor is her religion yet clear. Some say Jewish, others say she was Muslim. Regardless, she sang, danced, wore western clothes in her videos and never seemed to mention religion in her various tirades.

3. Her tirades. They were rooted in YouTube demonetizing and censoring her content, capitalism, and animal cruelty. She was a very vocal vegan and animal rights activist, which is what she built most of her (bizarre) content around.

The facts are still pending on several scores, such as whether or not she was dating someone who worked for YouTube as previously reported, how she got the firearm, whether she had a documented history of mental illness, etc etc.

Until we know, we don’t know, but Iranians are still not Arab, and it’s still pretty clear her motivations had nothing to do with any sort of extreme religious view, unless you consider veganism to be an extreme ideology, in which case few people would argue.

Just a quick and sloppy entry late at night to throw some sanity on the pile.